Engaging Sustainability Lab


Scientists and activists concerned about the future of human society and the planet have pointed to the urgent need for what they term sustainability transitions.

In other words, due to the complex, systemic and interrelated nature of the serious social, economic and environmental problems confronting us, we need entirely new forms of solutions. Clearly, we humans must learn to think differently about our complex world and to work together in unusual and very strategic new ways.

We need to more fully see and understand the systems within which we all exist so that we can learn to identify and create conditions for systemic change and social innovation.

Inquiry for Enagaging Sustainability

There is as yet no established orthodoxy about what a Lab is, and the term is applied to a plethora of processes and organizations, often with markedly different goals and employing distinct methods and approaches.

We define our Engaging Sustainability Lab as a process, one that is intended to support entrepreneurship and multi-stakeholder decision-making in addressing complex wicked problems.

At "mvk-Kutzschenbach Institute for Sustainability Studies", our main focus of our engagement model lies in the interaction of hard and soft systems thinking, especially in the areas of organizational learning and nascanet entrepreneurship for “more sustainability” in an increasingly "digital world".

Our philosophy is, to accompaign our clients in ways that foster a sincere curiosity, and a means of engaging and deepening their approach to inquiry.

How We Engage

We offer this service with a humble appreciation of both the complexity of the challenges we are, collectively, seeking to address, as well as the complexities of the processes we design in our attempts to address them.

Engaging Sustainability Lab helps to entail synthesis of diverse knowledge and perspectives in a transparent and unifying decision-making process, engaging stakeholders with competing interests, perspectives, and agendas under uncertain and often adversarial conditions. Thus, positioning key sector actors for adaptive leadership in engaging messy problems.

We have experiences providing systems thinking and modeling as well as organizational learning services in academic and advisory role to domestic and international clients. We are well known for accompanying impact-focused organizations as they endeavor to stimulate and scale systemic change and social innovations.