Ananda Wyss (MSc) is deeply passionate about contributing to systems change for social and environmental impact. Her dream is to see humans and nature flourish in harmony for many generations to come.  

Her interests lie in exploring how individual and organizational learning processes can be nurtured and facilitated to help individuals spark their innate creativity and entrepreneurial resourcefulness to tackle the “wicked problems” of our time. She believes that embracing complexity and engaging in open conversations with empathy is key to connecting people to forge common grounds, collaborate, and co-create a better tomorrow.

Ananda joins the MvK institute as a co-designer and co-facilitator of workshops, which offer deep learning experiences aimed to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and approaches suited to the complex challenges we face in building a sustainable society.

When she is not working, she enjoys being in nature, getting immersed in artistic endeavours, and reading or socializing over a good cup of coffee.