Disputes belong to our economic and social life. However, often it is particularly the emotional energy of conflict that makes it possible (if it is used successfully) to initiate changes and further development.

Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction.

Francis Picabia

Mediation offers you a structured approach for the prevention and resolution of disputes by a neutral mediators. During the mediation, the parties concerned develop a common strategy. The aim is to modify your action or limit the unintended consequences of the conflicting action. This sets the stage for win-win situations. Naturally, all parties are expected to willingly share their experiences and interests and needs related to their position to make sure that, together with the mediator, it is possible to develop a fully viable result.

As part of the mediation, we are facilitating executives, leadership teams and their staff to solve their conflict situations. At the end of the day, we are only able to develop ways for sustainable change by recognizing and understanding the dynamics and interdependencies of the informal and formal structures in an organization.

Mediation helps you find new ideas and key leverage points

In the context of mediation, it often happens that ideas arise in organizations that provide important impetus for organization development. From our personal experience, these measures are successfully implemented by the parties after the conflict is resolved.

Sustainability implies that one needs to leave the (apparently) given frame

Figure 3: Business mediation supports you in the searching for the 3rd alternative

We work for executives, leadership teams and their staff in business enterprises, organizations and social institutions, and we will be happy to support you in developing a sustainable and long-lasting solution as part of a mediation.